Inventory Liquidation Solutions for Higher Recovery 

Loveseat was founded in 2020 with the aim of revolutionizing the marketplace for returned and other distressed inventory. We acquire this inventory from major retailers, manufacturers, DTC brands and resell them to deal oriented customers in our weekly auctions. Loveseat currently operates in TX and CA.

3 ways to partner:

Loveseat as your liquidator

We purchase truckloads of inventory at pre-set terms. We move this inventory from your warehouse to our warehouse and resell it.

Loveseat as your return warehouse

Loveseat integrates with your operations, becoming an extension of your network. All returns are directed to the Loveseat warehouse, where we receive, process, and grade the inventory. Upon completion, we promptly provide payment for each item received.

Loveseat as your closeout platform

This is our consignment option. You still own the inventory but can leverage the Loveseat platform to resell your inventory and keep the revenue generated after paying Loveseat a service fee. Operationally, this can either happen from your warehouse or the Loveseat warehouse.

Partner Request Form

Get in touch with us about liquidating inventory via Expect a response in 24-48 hours.